Check Your Baggage at the Door

In times past I have allowed for people to cause me to get knocked off my square. What that means is, I allowed something they said or done offend me causing me to react negatively or shut down and hold the pain inside. I believe it is in most of our nature to respond by complaining first instead of confronting. To be honest, it is the easiest thing to do. However, it can lead to an even more painful path and be detrimental to our destiny.

I am in a season where I cannot afford to be immature with the dealings of life. I must learn to let go and forgive, or confront these things in love so that true healing can take place. This is the way God wants us to do things in order to move forward and be fruitful. Now, not every situation will call for us to be combative. We must be sensitive to the leading of Holy Spirit on how to approach the matters of life.

As I was thinking about how to deal with a recent offense, I saw myself going through an airport and walked pass the baggage claim area. As I was walking along, I heard the words, “Check your baggage at the door.” The message is this, in order to travel to the next destination God is taking us, we must drop some bags at the door. The old ways we have, and things we have been carrying that’s been weighing us down cannot go. Leave the bags, even if it means going empty handed. The baggage claim area represents the new harvest God is springing up in our lives. We can only claim this baggage once we have dropped our old bags at the door. Don’t be afraid to walk into this next season. God has so much more for us to do and to receive.

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