Don’t Let Your Excitement About Something Overcloud Your Judgement

Many of us can attest to the fact that we have made some decisions that we later regretted. I can recall one move I made, and in the beginning, I really felt like I was making the right decision. It appeared the right people were aligned for this next level in my life and everything was looking up from there. As things progressed, I realized that I was wrong, and I began to see the negative effects from my decision. It felt like I was in this downward spiral of challenging experiences, one after the other. I felt betrayed and the feeling of regret was overwhelming.

You see, what happened was that I allowed my excitement about this move to cloud my judgement. I was so over the top about it that I failed to see the deception before me and ignored the warning signs. I hadn’t taken the time to thoroughly evaluate the offers being presented to me due to the pressure I was under. Honestly, I just wanted things to be done and fast. It didn’t matter who was used or how it happened because I was fed up with the process and didn’t care anymore.

What I learned was that the fast way isn’t always the right way. God will often tell us to take the way that makes no absolute sense to take. This way may seem long to us, but we must remember that God’s time is not our time and he doesn’t move according to how we think he should. I learned that not every door before us is meant for us to walk into nor is every person who talks good talk meant for us to connect with. We need to heed the warnings and use discernment. Also, the decisions we make not only affect us, but they affect those who are connected to us as well.

Time is precious and we cannot afford to miss out on opportunities because of wrong moves. While these moves can turn out to be learning experiences, we don’t want to keep going through this cycle. It is imperative we seek God and count the cost of the decisions we must make. Don’t make impulsive moves or move because you are frustrated and want it to be over. Be willing to endure the process and lean on God to help you decide what to do.

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