A Washed Personality

There are some ways we have that are just a part of who we are and some things we develop along the way. I was thinking about the different ways about myself and I couldn’t help but ask, where did some of them come from? There are ways within us that will be more challenging to keep at bay. We must all realize that none of us have arrived because it is our nature to sin. Although this is true, there is something that can be done about it.

We must allow ourselves to go through the wash. To wash something means to go through the process of being cleaned. There are different cycles of washing; Deep Clean, Normal Wash and Rapid Wash. Here is a spiritual breakdown of these processes.

Deep Clean: This cycle will take more time and effort to get out the funk and dirt, a.k.a. sin. We typically use this cycle after our initial acknowledgement of Jesus as our Savior. Reason being is that we become more knowledgeable of our sin and need for change. Most of us know that habits are hard to break, so it may require several rounds of this cycle for us to be cleaned. It will take spending a lot of time in prayer and fasting about the things we are desiring to be cleansed of.

Normal Wash: This cycle is typically used after we have been saved for some time. We have matured on some levels but understand the importance of the need to continually wash ourselves. We do this daily by staying in prayer and reading the Word of God. When we allow ourselves to be washed daily it becomes harder for us to get dirty.

Rapid Wash: This cycle is the shortest of the three. We tend to use this wash when we experience minor setbacks in life. We realize our mistakes and immediately make it right, which allows us to bounce back much quicker from a fall.

We must be intentional about staying clean. It is imperative we watch the things we entertain and be careful not to put on our old dirty clothes. Jesus has already paid the price for our sins and given us the method for staying clean. It is ultimately up to us whether we use it or not.

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