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Life’s Journey: 

My Testimony

by Qiana Tucker


Life’s Journey: My Testimony is the third book by Qiana Tucker focusing on the topic, “Life’s Journey”. Life’s Journey: In the Valley provided devotionals dealing with challenges and how to overcome them. Life’s Journey: On the Mountaintop provided devotionals dealing with living a life of victory and peace.

In this book, Life’s Journey: My Testimony, Qiana gives you a deeper look into her personal struggles and her journey to healing and finding her life’s purpose. She takes you from her early beginnings to current time and gives snapshots of her struggles along the way. Qiana opens up about the abuse she suffered, her feelings of rejection, her fight to find her purpose and how she managed being a single mom prior to marriage. It is her hope that as you read this book, you will be encouraged and realize that you can overcome the struggles you may be experiencing. You can have joy, peace, love, freedom and forgiveness.


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Life’s Journey: 

On the Mountaintop

(Devotionals by Qiana Tucker)

How do you get to, and maintain, your position on the mountaintop? In this book, Life's Journey: On The Mountaintop; Qiana Tucker takes you on her journey of love, forgiveness, standing your ground and walking in the power of God. She writes from a place of experience, confidence and assurance in the truth of God’s word and how He sustains us in our place of victory and peace, in Him.


In Qiana's first book, "Life's Journey:  In the Valley", she  shared her personal journey of her valley experiences with devotional entries that were birthed from places of deep pain.  She gained strength from writing each devotional and God's presence and power, in her life, became even more evident.  


With both of these "journeys", you will be transformed by the words as you live through your valley and mountaintop experiences.

Lifes Journey In the Valley Front Cover.

Life's Journey:

In the Valley

(Devotionals to Start Your Day)

We will all, at some point, experience some sort of pain or difficulty in life. In this book, “Life’s Journey: In the Valley”, Qiana Tucker shares her personal journey of her valley experiences. These devotional entries were birthed from places of deep pain and writing them made her feel a sense of relief. Through these devotionals, she found that in moments of weakness, she gained strength and God’s presence and power, in her life, became even more evident.


This book was written to encourage you and let you know that you are not alone in your struggle, someone else has or is traveling the same road. Also, on this road you are not without a guide or comforter because God is with you, every step of the way. Part 2, “Life’s Journey: On the Mountaintop”, will expand up those mountaintop experiences of joy and extreme power – coming, Spring, 2021.

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Reviews for Qiana's Writings

Knowing God's Voice 

I love how the author shares God's messages to her throughout her life. It reminds me of the different ways he speaks to us, and that it could be the littlest things that he uses to show us his love and that he is ever present. This is so impactful and powerful! Love this! - Amazon Customer

Highly recommended reading!!!

As a person who struggles with anxiety and depression this daily devotional has helped me. Reading the daily devotionals from this book has lifted my spirit. I can’t wait for part two to come out later this year. 2 thumbs up for sure!!!! - Nichelle, Amazon Customer

This book is a must have for your collection!

This daily devotional is a blessing not only spiritually but mentally as well. We all have those days where it seems like it’s one storm after another this devotional reminds you that first that God is with us as well as that we aren’t in this race called life by ourselves. The devotional is also one that you will want to reread and share with loved ones. I can’t wait for the second book to be released!! - Brittany Jackson

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